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Sila Fato

Musical crossroads – Interweaving Finnish melodies and mentality into groovy Sub-Saharan traditions

Sila Fato means crossroads in Mandinka language. The formation’s name reflects its sound, where vastly distant cultural influences merge together into a skilled, joyful, effortlessly delicious musical melting pot.

Acoustic beauty of balafon and kora enlacement forms the core of Sila Fato soundscape. This is supported by groovy, warm bass and spicy percussions. The basic setup may be completed by violin and/or saxofon and flutes. Sila Fato performs both original compositions by Maarika and refreshing versions of beloved traditional tunes from Finland and West-Africa.

Finland 100 years. In September 2017, Sila Fato was chosen to give a full length concert in Helsinki Music House as part of Finland 100 years festivities. We’re pleased to be able to say the concert was a huge success. A short sample video may be seen here while event photo gallery is located here.

Maarika founded Sila Fato with the support of kora player and percussionist Cheich Cissokho. Majority of Sila Fato members are professional musicians of Senegalese origin, permanently residing in Finland. Most typically the formation consists of six musicians on stage.

Examples of previous concert venues:
– Musiikkitalo / Helsinki Music House, GlobalFest -world music festival
– Etnosoi! – world music festival
– Ijahis Idja – festival for Lapland indigenous people
– World In A Village -festival
– Etno-Espa -festival
– Savoy -theatre / Our World -project
– Caisa Cultural Center / Yirookoto – Night of Kora
– Hamina Night of Lights -festival
– FestAfrica Festival, etc.,

…and many more, this was just to mention a few. The band actively performs in local events, music clubs, privately organised occasions and also educational institutes.

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